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More About the Professional Landscaping Services in Youngsville, NC

With over 10 years of experience, M & E Tolentino Landscaping and Stone Service LLC has built a great portfolio of projects and a large happy clientele you can become a part of. If you are interested in what type of services I offer to residential and commercial property owners in Youngsville, NC, give this page a read.


Whether you want to plant a natural fence of shrubs and hedges or you need regular lawn care and maintenance, turn to me. Shrubs and hedges add a little extra to your lawn and they do require upkeep, so my advice is to always be realistic about the time and money you are willing to spend on their maintenance. I am here to offer you helpful advice at all times.

Landscaping Contractors

Landscaping Contractors

Stone Works

M & E Tolentino Landscaping and Stone Service LLC provides installation of all types of stone works with both aesthetics and functional purposes. Whether it is a stone patio or a retaining wall, I am here to install it for you. It might be a slight change to your landscape, but it makes a difference for your whole lawn.


I also specialize in the installation of pavers. You may want to invest in sidewalks or a walkway to your front door built with high-quality, beautiful pavers and you will be adding a lot to your curb appeal and property value. In addition, you can use my paving service to cover up an imperfection, like uneven ground.

Tree Services

Working with trees is another one of my many areas of specialty in Youngsville, NC. I can prune and trim your trees on a scheduled basis or as frequently as you need. I do removals, topping, shaping, and raising as well.

Mulching, Trimming, & More!

You can rely on me for one-time or recurring yard maintenance services. You can expect immediate results from my assistance. Your lawn will look tidy and neat, well-manicured, and inviting, just like the best ones do.

Now that you have acquired more knowledge on the numerous services that I offer, hire me for all our landscape maintenance needs at (919) 264-0660 today!

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