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Your Trusted Landscaping Contractor Is Here for You

M & E Tolentino Landscaping and Stone Service LLC is an outdoor area specialist that builds exterior features and takes care of the health of your lawn in the same dedicated manner. I am a landscaping contractor that is at the service of home and business owners in Youngsville, NC and as such, I have always appreciated the trust people place in my business. This page will help you understand why they do it and whether you should too.


Quality, Security & Respect

When you are choosing a landscape designer, you probably think about two things: price and quality. Ideally, you are hoping to find a good balance between both and that’s exactly what M & E Tolentino Landscaping and Stone Service LLC offers you. In addition, you can count on me for:

  • License and insurance;
  • Competitive and reasonable rates;
  • Complete dedication to each project;
  • Appropriate equipment and processes;
  • Great end results;

Hard Work and Dedication

Reputed as a reliable landscaping contractor in Youngsville, NC, I am constantly looking for ways to improve the quality I offer to my clients. I approach each project, no matter big or small, with a unique perspective and tailor-made solutions. You can expect me to fully dedicate myself to the work I provide for your property so that you are happy with the final result.

If you want to work with a personable, skilled, and well-equipped landscape designer, just get in touch with me by calling (919) 264-0660 today. My range of professional service options awaits you!

Services List

  • Landscaping
  • Stone Works
  • Paving
  • Tree Services
  • Mulching
  • Planting
  • Pinestraw
  • Lawn Services
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